GMTB and Our Work With Agencies

For those of you who may not know, Gippsland Mountain Bike Club has worked tirelessly over many years to build some of the best tracks and Mountain Bike Parks in Victoria. Months and even years are spent formalizing agreements, gathering grants, working with land owners and other parties to bring members and the general public safe areas to ride. As a club, we oversee more Mountain Bike parks than any other in Australia over a greater area. These include; Blores Hill, Mt Taylor, Foster, Erica, Colquhoun, Mt Baw Baw, Nowa Nowa and currently looking at Bass Coast near Wonthaggi.  This achievement can only take place with dedicated locals (also GMTB members), a strong and prosperous working relationship with government authorities, recognition from IMBA, various community groups and the heart and soul of our trail advocacy group. All the hard work, recognition and goodwill is easily undone when illegal and unsafe trails are built in the very parks we have worked so hard to create.

Recently it became known to the committee, through Parks Victoria, that there had been an incident/accident on part of the Blores Trails that was illegally built. In consultation with Parks and the formal agreement we have, the GMTB committee chose to shut down this small part of illegal trail, which included a poorly built jump and resulted in an injury to a rider. It was not the sole decision of any GMTB member/s but an informed decision by the committee and the very agency which has provided the land for us to ride on safely and securely. It is disappointing that these members were singled out, when they were in fact looking at the greater good of Mountain Biking in Gippsland.  Mountain Bike Parks have been shut down completely in the past due to selfish actions of a few and the building of illegal trails which are unsafe, damage the environment and are built on areas we do not have the authority to build on. The legalities and ramifications if that rider was more seriously injured on an illegal trail within a set Mountain Bike Park led to the decision. GMTB has been entrusted by local and state government agencies to uphold a safe level of riding in these parks.

I welcome any GMTB member or member of the public to come to a committee meeting and look at the amazing work VOLUNTEERS on the committee do for mountain biking in our region. If you would like to raise this issue further with myself or the committee please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ride Safely

Adam Downes

GMTB President

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