Trail Work – Blores Hill - Important Notice

Dirt Art are now well progressed with construction of a new flow style trail “Matilda D” at Blores Hill. Time permitting they will also add some new features to either “Wednesday” or “Smiley J”. So far, the roughed in new trail is looking awesome!

Important Notice

When closed, it is critically important that no riders use these trails until opened by Gippsland MTB and Parks Victoria. The new trail surface material is extremely fragile and must not be used until completely bedded down. The club is working hard to have the trails finished and ready for use as soon as possible. We all want to ride them, but riding the trails now will damage the trail, delay their opening and cause significant additional cost and volunteer work for the mountain bike club.

Please show appreciation for the efforts of Gippsland MTB, Parks Victoria, Wellington Shire and Dirt Art and stay off all closed trails and away from the sites until it they are opened.

Please help the club by supporting us during the trail closures.

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