We regret to advise that the Mt Taylor MTB Festival is being postponed. Originally scheduled for April 28th and 29th, this event has now been rescheduled to June 16th and 17th. Apologies to anybody that is inconvenienced by this. All riders who have already entered will be given the option of keeping their entry for the new dates or taking a refund.
On a much more positive note, the postponement has ocurred due to the recent expansion and revamping of the Mt Taylor trail network.  DELWP recently received funding for this project and have had Dirt Art and local fire crews working hard to improve the trails. Unfortunately due to the very dry conditions, the trails are not quite ready for a heavy load of tyres to go over them just yet. But we can guarantee this event will now be alot more fun if we are able to utilize the brand new trails and revamped oldies. Cross your fingers for a nice drop of rain in the near future to help the trails settle!


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