VDHS Round 1 – Mt Taylor: 20/21 Oct 2012

Venue Details

Due to its fast paced and technical nature the aptly rated “Double Black Diamond DH” course starts just below the communication towers of Mt Taylor and winds its way down the mountain with fast corners, big jumps and loose rocks. Downhill mountain bikers end up sprinting across the finish line at the ‘Boys Camp’ staging area which was originally set up in the early 20th Century as a forestry and silviculture camp for young unemployed men. The ‘Boys Camp’ is now a great place to ride bikes, enjoy a picnic or some camping with family and friends or to get out and about to enjoy a myriad of recreational opportunities in the area.

Gippsland MTB Inc. Downhill Representative ‘KINGMAN!’ says “This is huge for mountain biking in Gippsland and Victoria for that matter, with a downhill course that is 2.32 kilometres long with 300 metres of vertical descent, many downhill racers are sure to be tested”. Mt Taylor is around 3.5 hours east of Melbourne and a 20 minute drive north of Bairnsdale, “…don’t let this stop you taking the trip out there to see all the hard work that has been undertaken!”, “Believe me you will be blown out of your brain seeing skilled downhill riders hurling themselves down the mountain!”


When you get to Bairnsdale chuck a left before (or if you’re coming from NSW hang a right after) the healthy golden arches of McDonalds (or do it later if you really need that triple chicky-cheese burger) into McCulloch St, head to Wy Yung on Wy Yung Rd which leads into Bullumwaal Road, follow this and it will change to dirt, after a few hundred metres or so take the first left and you will see the MTB RACE signs for entry  to the ‘Boys Camp’ staging area for the event.

Google Maps – Bairnsdale – Mt Taylor


You know this race is going to be huge! Space will be limited so please park only in designated parking areas.  These areas will be clearly marked. Parking will fill up quickly so get there early! Make sure you don’t block any roads or other cars at the venue.


Awesome onsite catering by a local community service group has been booked to supply food including a variety of drinks and lots of healthy food choice options. A coffee van will be available during the event for the caffeine freaks.

*Note* There is no drinkable water at the event. You will need to bring your own water or purchase bottled water at the event.

Please remember to respect the environment and recycle your waste at the event in any of the strategically placed bins. Do your bit and pick up your sh*t!


  • Elite Men
  • Elite Women
  • Under 19’s
  • Under 17’s
  • Under 15’s
  • Under 13’s
  • Expert
  • Veteran
  • Masters
  • Super Masters
  • Hardtail
  • Sport
  • Beginner


For example: If you turn 15 in 2013 you are no longer under 15, if you turn 19 in 2013 you are no longer under 19 – same goes for all other age group categories.

The Beginner category is open to any age. You are only allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 events for the series. Prizes will be awarded on the day however there will be no series points awarded for this category.  It is designed to be an introduction to Down Hill Racing

Entry Details

Enter online and save!

  • Saturday & Sunday Senior = $95,
  • Saturday & Sunday Junior = $80 (Under 13, Under 15 & Beginner ONLY)

All online entries also go into the draw to win your entry fees back


Enter on the day:

  • Saturday & Sunday Senior = $100,
  • Saturday & Sunday Junior = $85 (Under 13, Under 15 & Beginner ONLY)
  • Sunday Only Senior/Junior = $85
  • Weekend Racing license = $30
  • Yearly Racing license: Junior $90, Senior $120 (may vary depending on which club you join)

All riders MUST produce their MTBA Competition License. If you do not have proof of MTBA Competition Membership you will need to fill out and purchase a Weekend Racing License from Registration

Event Schedule

Friday: 19-Oct-2012

Course available for on foot inspection only (NO RIDING)

Saturday: 20-Oct-2012

0800 – 1600 Registration Open
0800 – 1000 Course available for on foot inspection
1000 – 1430 Official course practice (ALL GROUPS)
1430 – 1530 Official course practice (NO PRO GROUP)
1530 – 1630 Official course practice (PRO GROUP ONLY)

*Note: A diligent effort will be made by event organisers to police these groups on course to ensure all riders are given the best chance to complete full runs during practice. 
PRO Group = Elite Men, Under 19 Men and Expert Men
Non Pro Group = all other categories
The Race Director has the ability to disqualify any rider that disobeys this rule. All Pro Group riders will have a colour coded race plate.

Sunday: 21-Oct-2012

0800 – 0900 Registration Open. (Entries after 0900 will not be accepted)
0800 – 1100 Official Course Practice (ALL GROUPS)
1115 Sharp! Rider Briefing at event central (All riders MUST attend)
1130 Racing Begins

Presentations will be held at the conclusion of the Elite Men’s final

Course Description


“THE TIME IS NOW” for all of you out there in this great state of downhill mountain biking to set your sights on the finish line and get yourself to Mt Taylor, Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria – for the opening round of the 2012-2013 KONA Victorian Downhill Mountain Bike Series on what has been coined “…up there with Australia’s BEST DH tracks…” (UCI Technical Delegate and Dirt Art Director – Simon French, March 2012).

The ‘Double Black Diamond DH’ at Mt Taylor, has been sculpted from the mountainside over the years by a dedicated few of DH trail building royalty of whom we are all now super indebted too. Until recently, Mt Taylor has been revived to survive with thanks to a few DH dedicated locals, Gippsland MTB, Bairnsdale Department of Sustainability and Environment, East Gippsland Shire and our ‘Super booter building’ friends at DirtArt.

Gippsland MTB, in this moment of pure glory in Victorian DH history, is inviting you to come and enjoy Mt Taylor with us. If you’re not into racing like a demon or sending yourself off jumps but just love to be a part of the atmosphere, come and hang out trackside and cheer for the pinners and motivate the binners!


After jumping out of the shuttle troopy, you will unload your bike and head up to the start gate (don’t complain – it’s not that far you whingers). Put your full face helmet on making sure your chin strap is done up snug, wrap those goggles over your eyes and grip those bars with your gloved up race claws.


Drop into the course with some quick snappy pedal strokes and prepare for a tight left hand jump gap that is a bit too close to a tree. Pedal through the pumpy, flowy and tight single track, bust over a slightly hipped jump and power through a short flat section of skatey gravel. Hop over some crafty rocks and approach the ‘Rock n Roller’, taking either the cautious shaky leg B-line or bomb down the rock roller. Negotiate the ‘VicRoads Loose Rocks’, take the drop then set up for the 24 foot ‘Top Double Gap’ or cruise through rolling it as a B-line.

The course now flows through corners, rock sections, tight trees, jumps and log drops. Keep an eye out for the not so obvious A-lines, and make sure you practice different lines – the course will evolve like a gremlin on steroids during the event. Some lines will hold up and some will simply be downright nasty! Dirt Art have done some awesome work in the top section to manage trail sustainability and erosion control, and they have added some tight radius berms and rerouted a couple of fall lines to keep your flow on.

When you get to the road crossing be wary of shuttle traffic. Riders do have right of way, however, GMTB have positioned a Lolly Pop Crossing for the vehicles but every rider should approach this crossing with caution (except in qualifying and race runs – don’t slow down as you want to hit the crossing as fast as possible!)

Be careful through the next section before the ‘Salmon Rocks’ , there are many ways to tackle the drop and gully, B-lines are available, but as always the A-lines are where it’s at! When you get to the ”Salmon Rocks’ plow that granitic goodness without stopping or drag your bike up to the right of the section, get off the track and have a look at other riders coming through the rocks. Do not block the DH course (for obvious reasons!). There is a couple of ways to take it on – remember to be like George of the Jungle and ”Watch out for that tree!”

After cursing at yourself for spud muppeting the ‘Salmon Rocks’, get over it and blast down the hill and prepare to either boost the ‘Bomb Hole’ step-down as far as you can or “Whoa Nellie!” back on the gas and G-out in the crater and head to the next jump. The ‘Rock Slab Lander’ is a cool jump – pedal in hard and fly! If you are the type who likes to keep two wheels on the ground go for the slower B-line to the right and remember to give-way to sidewinding flying DH racers. Fast approaching is hecklers heaven, the infamous ‘Cabbage Patch’, a rock garden with a technical drop onto rocks and step-down gap (don’t  fall into the hole squidy spuds!), or a rock infested B-line for the less initiated. Same goes here, ride the whole section or move off the course. A GMTB marshal will be here in case anyone comes to grief and decides to eat cabbage, which unfortunately does have its consequences.

Picture: Local Gippsland MTB rider Ben Broome of Stratford tackling the infamous ‘Cabbage Patch Gap’

The ‘Dirt Art Monster Double’ is next, shown here in some archival footage before it was re-sculpted by Dirt Art:


The next best option is to jump the smaller B-line double on the right or roll through the far outside right C-line. There is a nice little ‘Steezey’’ step-down after the double, and from here fitness, power and cornering skill will see you approach the hard to nail ‘Lazy Nato step-down corner’ and ‘Dam-Jump Sender’ before you sprint over the finish line. Roll through the finishing area and re-join the shuttle queue to do it all over again.


Picture: Local Gippsland MTB rider Brodie Richardson of Bairnsdale sends it over the ‘Dirt Art Monster Double’

If by chance you ride through any course bunting, please re-enter the track where you left it and try to repair the course bunting. This will make the volunteers’ job much easier and stops other riders from creating dastardly cheat-lines. I hope you can all make it to Mt Taylor because it is going to be one wild race.


“Yeah well… I’m the kind a guy that re-does a crappy high five!”

Helmet Cam

Keep in mind that this footage is a few years old and does not show the upgrades since Dirt Art worked their magic on the course. Guess you’ll just have to come and check it out for yourself! Otherwise, just watch MegaRad give it some stick!


Keep in mind that this footage is a few years old and does not show the upgrades since Dirt Art worked their magic on the course. Guess you’ll just have to come and check it out for yourself! Otherwise, just watch old mate MegaRad give it some stick!


Bairnsdale is the closest town for accommodation.

Camping at Mt Taylor – limited camping spots available (first in basis), but please be aware that there is no water and no power available at Mt Taylor.  Fires are permitted but only in designated fire places. There are toilets at the venue.

Bairnsdale ‘Big 4’ Holiday Park is offering a 10% discount if you mention that you are racing mountain bikes at the VDHS Mt Taylor event.  Cabins from $95 and powered caravan/tent sites from $29. Call (03) 5152 4066 – Get in quick if you want a cabin! Big 4 Member discounts do not apply in conjunction with the VDHS discount.

Mitchell Gardens Holiday Park is also offering the same 10% discount if you mention that you are racing mountain bikes at the VDHS Mt Taylor event. 5 Cabins available from $62 and powered caravan/tent sites from $29. Call (03) 5152 4654 or check the web site www.mitchellgardens.com.au  – Get in quick if you want a cabin!

For more accommodation information contact East Gippsland Tourism on 1800 637 060 for the Bairnsdale area. Alternatively check out www.discovereastgippsland.com.au as more accommodation can be booked through that site.

Host Club

Gippsland MTB Inc.
“Mountain biking all over Gippsland!”

Contact Details

VDHS Committee: info@vdhs.com.au
Host Club: info@gippslandmtb.com.au
MTBA Membership questions: info.mtba@mtba.asn.au