2014 Trail Pass Stickers Now Available!

Forget Footy cards and tazos….Get the latest in collectables the Gippsland MTB trail pass sticker of 2014!

Have you been out on the Gippsland trails lately and thought ‘how can I help out?’ or ‘wish I had the time to help out’ or ‘I’d like to help but can’t afford a membership’?

Well do we have news for you!

Now available ‘GIPPSLAND MTB TRAIL PASS’ stickers only $15 can allow you to help out with our trails….Labour free! (But hey…still buy one and come help out) and also show your support for Gippsland MTB loud and proud on your bike or helmet!

Q: What does this funky sticker do? 
A: These funky stickers are to raise money for trail maintenance and trail advocacy in our region.

Q: How much of my $15 goes towards trails? 
A: 100% of the money from these stickers goes towards trails!

Q: Where do I get one? 
A: My fellow trail fairies, can get them from the following 

  1. GMTB online store (Here)
  2. GMTB events
  3. More locations TBA!