AGM 19th September 2017

All committee positions will be vacant at the AGM, and all nominations are welcome. A club the size of ours can not function without the hard work and dedication of our members. We urge all of our members to consider taking up a role to help give back to the local mountain biking community. There are many varied roles available, most are not too time consuming, and all help to continue the hard work that our club members have done in the club’s years. There have already been some very hard working committee members who have indicated they will not be fulfilling the roles they have in the past. This is the perfect time for some different faces on the committee.

Many hands make light work, and any contributions of you time, no matter how large or small, are greatly appreciated.

The following are the roles within the club that are up for grabs:

Role Tasks
President Chair meetings, oversee general direction of club
Vice President Undertake president’s duties in their absence
Secretary Record meeting minutes, prepare meeting agenda, control club correspondence
Treasurer Control club finances, report month transactions at meetings
Membership Secretary Process membership application/renewals, notify members when renewals due
Media Liaison Submit press releases to news organisations, develop relationships with media groups
XC Representative Schedule and delegate organisation of XC events
DH/4X Representative Schedule and delegate organisation of DH/4X events
Trail Advocacy Representative Liaise with government and land managers to gain access to land for the construction of trails
Web Site Administrator Develop and manage content on the club website and social media
Club Sponsorship Approach businesses in regard to club sponsorship, ensure sponsors get proposed benefits, help develop yearly packages
Development officer A position to look at developing new members, especially juniors, and introducing them to mountain biking.
Equipment Officer A position to manage and look after the clubs growing equipment and asset list. May include monitoring where the equipment is located.
Possible purchasing new equipment based on needs as well as repairing and maintaining current equipment.

If you wish to nominate for a position on the committee, please complete a nomination form and email it to, or return to:

Gippsland MTB Inc
PO Box 792
Traralgon, Vic, 3844

Nomination forms can be found at:

If you are unable to attend the meeting on the night, but still wish to have your say, please complete a Proxy Appointment Form:

We look forward seeing you all there!