Forrest/You Yangs Weekend – How Hot Was It!

Later in the afternoon we headed south to explore the Red Carpet trail. This fast flowing XC downhill trail was more technical again with tight hairpin corners, narrow trees and steep descents. However, it turned out to be one of the favourites of the weekend with riders returning each day to ride it again. It was also the scene of the first, and only, mechanical injury of the weekend with a stick and derailer meeting at speed. I can personally say the Shimano Shadow derailer’s might be narrow profile, but they still break the same when a stick hooks up. However, after some technical bending, hammering and general violence I got most of my gears back (thank’s Trav).

Saturday was the full day of riding. We headed east to the main group of trails with riders wary of what was to come as half the trails are listed as black diamond. Any concerns were soon abandoned these trails proved to be a huge hit. If you ever go to Forrest, make sure that you ride Mariners Run. After an initial climb, you descend into some of the best berms ever built that seem to go on for ever. The only issue with this day was the weather as by midday everyone was begging for mercy and shade.

After a return to camp and a trip to the local swimming hole, there were a few more runs done similar to Friday with some people exploring the western trails again and other doing more runs of Red Carpet.

Sunday morning saw a final trip down Rec Carpet for the die hard fans before we packed up camp and moved on to the You Yangs. The theme for the day was hot! By the time we got there and were ready for the first ride is was about 11:30 and well over 30 degrees outside. This did not help people tackle the first trail which was a black diamond downhill run. In hindsight this was a bad starting choice as most people struggled with the descent and there was a few offs on the way down. However, once we moved onto the XC trails the enjoyment factor went up.

Descending from the top of the You Yangs to the rangers station on the XC trails is an awesome ride with great views, technical sections and long flowing singletrack. There is also a few obstacles along the way for the more adventurous riders to tackle. These include log rides, a 200m raised boardwalk and a jump park. Of course we had a go at all of these with a few people doing things that they had not tackled before.

All in all it was a great weekend and will more than likely become an annual club event due to the success of this event. If you see this come up in the calendar next year then make sure that you can go because anyone who didn’t this year missed out on a great weekend. If you want more detailed information, just remember what happens on the road trip, stays on the road trip…