Glengarry Point To Point Race

Competitors then load loaded their bikes on the trailers and boarded to buses provided for the event to be shuttled up to their relevant starting positions. At 10:35 both groups set off from their starting positions and raced to the same finishing point near Glengarry. Conditions were extremely slippery and required extreme caution and control to complete the course.

There were a few early casulties of the event with series leader Mark Baines suffering mechanical failure in the first 500 meters of his event, it could be that registering as rider 13 was not his lucky number for the day. However, he managed to complete the course when another competitor lent him his bike. As competitors struck issues, they were picked up by the transport buses as the course was never too far for the main road.

Also, due to the extreme wind there were some instances of course marking arrows being blown down and competitors missing  junctions in the course. So some of the early leaders lost time when they overshot a turn and this had major effects on the leader board with local knowledge helping of some riders to score high in the final results.

The long event was taken out by Trevor Nicklen in a time of 1:40 with Ben Blackman following right on his heals in 1:41 and third place went to Jamie Marslen in 1:52. The sort distance event was taken out by Alan Maguire in 1:20 with Sam Chapman coming in in second in a time of 1:27 and Darren Humphrey close behind at 1:30.

All in all, as the riders rolled into the final control it was easy to see that most people had had a ball and could not believe that it was over as soon as it was. Everyone was covered from head to foot in mud, but they also all had a story to tell from the day which was shared as they gathered around the nice warm BBQ provided at the end.

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