Blores Hill 6 Hour Enduro Results Issues

First of all I’d like to thank you for attending the first round of the VES that Gippsland MTB has hoted. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed the event, and above all, enjoyed the course. Blores Hill is a great venue for a ride and we hope to keep making it better and continue to work with Parks Victoria to promote it as a mountain biking destination.

Unfortunaly as with most first time events, there is an issue or two that rears its ugly head on the day. Ours was the timing system. For some reason that is yet to be tracked down, the timing system decided to have a go slow day yesterday after years of running club events without issue. It was taking up to 20 seconds to record each riders time and the first we knew about it was when the first riders came through transition. It does not take long at 20 seconds per rider to get a back log of riders and hence to incorrect lap times and droppd laps.

Because of these issues and the number of them, at the end of the race we were trying to focus on issues that would effect class placings only so that we could get presentations underway. We know that there are other issues and riders who did not come forward yesterday so we are opening up the results for comment for the next week. Please have a look at your results on the Gippsland MTB website:

If you have a missing lap then send your Rider Number, Rider Name, Team Name and the lap that you believe has been missed to Please ignore incorrect lap times, we know that the finish times are correct so it is only the number of laps that will effect the placings. We’ll update this informaion each night with any changes that have been made.

Next Sunday night, 07-Aug-2011, we’ll publish the final results of the event. So let us know before then if you have any comments or questions on your times.