Colquhuon Multi-Stage Race: 27-Sep-2009


Sunday 27th September
Registration from 9.00am
Racing at 10.00am

Where: Colquhuon Forest
Corner of Princes Highway & Bruces Rd, Kalimna
28km east of Bairnsdale
Stage 1: 20km Time Trial
Stage 1 Scoring:
1st 20 points 6th  8 points
2nd 15 points 7th 7 points
3rd 12 points 8th 6 points
4th 10 points 9th 5 points
5th 9 points 10th-last 3 points
Stage 2: Dirt Crits
Field will be split into two groups based on time trial times for criteriums.
A Grade race 1, B Grade race 1, A Grade race 2, B Grade race 2
2 x 15 minute (plus 1 lap) dirt crits
800 metre circuit, half singletrack, half fire trail.
Some obstacles, water hazards etc etc
Stage 2 Scoring:
1st = 10 points
2nd = 6 points
3rd = 4 points
4th = 3 points
5th – last = 2 points
Event Scoring:
Example 1 Example 2 
3rd in TT 12 points  34th in TT 3 points
Last in 1st A Grade Crit 2 points 2nd in 1st B Grade Crit 6 points
4th in 2nd A Grade Crit 3 points 1st in 2nd B Grade Crit 10 points
Total 17 points Total 19 points
Costs: $10 Entry Fee
$15 Day License for non-MTBA Competition License holders
Note: Event Points are not Championship Points, Championship Points are awarded based on Outright Event results.