Foster Weather Updates

Due to the weather that we have had this week there have been a few questions around the event on the weekend. Ash Webster, the event organiser, has provided the following updates on the track conditions.

Update: 26-Mar-2011

Lenny has reported in on the track conditions and has given it “an elephant stamp and a gold star”! He says that it will be awesome with only a couple of damp patches they they are hoping to repair by tomorrow.

Update: 23-Mar-2011

The rain has improved the track. There is a couple of sections that are a foot deep but with a hard base and will drain before the weekend. The soil is gravel based so holds up well and can get more traction in the wet. Should be perfect for the weekend.

Update: 24-Mar-2011

DSE are practising using the pumps and are pumping the two areas where there is a bit of water laying around. It was rideable anyway but now it will be primo!