National Downhill Round 3 – Mt Baw Baw


By Nick King

Did I hear anyone say FAST??? Wait till you hit the bottom jeep track! Mt Baw Baw has been a staple DH course for many years now. Its wide, its fast and it is super fun! There is nothing too hard on this DH course, but many find it hard on their bikes! Brakes beware – make sure your hydros are up to the task! Trust me your rotors will blue up from the heat, your hydro fluid will start to boil and the loose rocks will punish your rims at high speed.

After a short push up, the track starts at the top of Tank Hill Platter and winds its way down the skiing home trail where it drops away onto a wide open ski run with magnificent views. You will punch into a left hand corner to be spat back onto the main ski run. Disappearing into ferns and snowgums you will rail three corners before launching into ‘BeNato’s Berm’ which gives you ample pace to coast across the grassy toboggan slope (insert stylish manuals here). Passing through the usually closed Jeep track gate, riders enter the ‘Spring’ – a section that usually has water running down it and plenty of spectators to amp you up! This section is made up of three small north-shore style bridges that drop onto ragged rocks. This year you will have multiple line choices through this section. ‘Coffin Rock’ is at the end of the section, and you now have to set yourself up for the ‘Moto Corner’. There are two options here – hang it wide and let it slide, or go straight and turn late in the berm. After negotiating that, your rims are about to cop a heap of loose rock and uneven single track as you prepare to do two drops to gain momentum which will launch you back onto the ski run. ‘Switchback Central’ is wide open and heaps of fun – get off your brakes and rail those suckers! Be sure to practice the right lines here as there is heap of options in these switchbacks. Hit the jump and land on the grass to set up for a fast re-entry into single track or go straight off the jump, into the flat corner at the bottom and let the drift do the talking!

As you make your way through the thick and twisted alpine heath, corners become blind and sniper rocks seem to come out of nowhere. Make sure you tip into ‘Poo Corner’ as it has been built up since last year and you can exit much faster giving you way more speed to get over the ‘Bastard Stump’. Two more twists and a tight tree to dodge and it is now time to bring the speed>>>

A sweeper and two whoop dee doo jumps throw you into the vortex>>> high speed tuck jumps>>> speed corners>>> and “Rennie’s Jump’ before the ‘Mach 10 Jeep Track’>>> Have some fun and boost the rock jump to flat if thats what you’re into, or stay pinned to the track. The coolest corners on the course are fast approaching, ‘Way Too Fast’ is the left hander into the right hand ‘Moto Berm, which we have walled up for your riding pleasure. The ‘Bus Stop’ has been removed this year due to a massive tree over the course, this has given us a fine spot to slam another jump into the mix! This can be rolled or boosted – its up to you. As you approach the finish you will notice a track to the right – go this way during practice to jump in the shuttle line or keep bombing the track to practice that all important finish line sprint!

If you haven’t had enough, try licking your rotors and you’ll know what we mean about brake maintainence! Water will be available for all riders (and those who lick their rotors) at the top and bottom of the track.



Mt Baw Baw Helmet Cam

JL Media Footage HERE


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Refer to the Australian National Series Website (still under construction)


Refer to the Australian National Series Website (still under construction)


Mt Baw Baw are generously bringing out their ‘Big Air Bag’ and kicker for us to use at a small cost per head after Friday and Saturday’s practice. This thing is uber awesome and should be a good laugh. So head over to the ski runs and have a go or kick back and watch riders send it! The pub is also organising a DJ on the Friday and Saturday evening so you can rip up the dance floor.


All bookings go through or 1300 651 136. There is NO camping in the Alpine Resort.


There is a parking fee of $5 per vehicle. You will need to purchase a ticket from the ticket machine or from Mt Baw Baw Administration. Mt Baw Baw will have staff checking for tickets over the weekend.


Please dont make the mistake that many have made in the past – make sure you fill up at Launching Place, Yarra Junction or anywhere along the Princes Freeway (Don’t dont trust Powelltown to be open) . There is NO FUEL after that…certainly none in the Alpine village. You have been warned!


You have a few choices here, Bring Your Own, Kellys Lodge, Village Central, the Pub, Riders Bite.