GMTB Membership – What’s in it for me?

Over the recent weeks, I have watched an explosion of riders enjoying the footpaths and trails around the Traralgon district. The same applies to the numbers of riders enjoying the Traralgon Pines on weekends and in the mornings and afternoons, getting that important exercise in for the day. I’ve loved seeing how many people enjoy time on a bike; families riding together, fathers taking their children on mountain bike trails, mothers walking the family dog while the kids zoom around on their two-wheeled adventure machines. It is all great stuff.

This got me thinking about the value Gippsland MTB provides its members, more importantly, that simple idea of “what’s in it for me” when our members are considering renewing their annual membership or to that person who has just discovered how freaking good MTB riding actually is.

Without writing a 10 page essay, I think one of the simplest ways of explaining what you get in return for your membership is a passionate team of volunteers advocating for better and more of everything MTB in Gippsland. Simple as that. But let me go into a bit more detail now. A portion of the MTB club committee is passionate about events, they put in a huge effort to run the events each year that many riders from near and far come to enjoy. These events range from the spectacular Mt Baw Baw DH race through to the local 3hr enduros held across Erica, Tralagon Pines and Blores Hill, not to mention the social rides held to encourage new riders to join in the fun. Without this team of volunteers, the events/social rides simply do not exist.

But as a club we know not every rider is interested in competing, that is the great thing about MTB.

You have another portion of the club that is advocating for expanded trails, improvements to the existing trails, funding to support our events and advocating for MTB within local council and tourism bodies. This hard work translates into more locations to ride, better facilities, more MTB tourists to our region and the flow-on effects to the wider community.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the events and social rides so far this year, the club has not stopped its important work. Planning is underway to improve trail drainage at Blores Hill, event planning partnership is being explored with a new event provider, check out and the exciting and brand new Haunted Hills Bike Park is almost ready to turn dirt. If you pause for a moment and look at what is going on in the MTB space, it truly is a list to be proud of and excited about!

So from the GMTB Club to its members, we thank you for your continued support. If you are yet to decide if you should renew your membership I hope my words today have convinced you to renew and get behind us and the amazing things the club has and continues to do. Finally, to riders thinking of joining the fray, we encourage and welcome all new members, know that your membership is far more than a number and a transaction, it is a real show of support that MTB in Gippsland is important and has a bright future.

Hope to see you out on the trails soon.

GMTB Club Secretary