The Gippsland Tracks & Trails Feasibility Study project is now nearing completion and the final documentation prepared. The Study is an initiative of the Gippsland Local Government Network with project partners Destination Gippsland and Gippsland MTB.

A short overview can be viewed here.

The Gippsland trail framework for the future is built around three classifications: Signature Trails, Regional Trails and Local Trails. Opportunities were identified in the categories of Signature Walks, Signature Mountain Biking Hubs and Trails and Signature Multi Use Trails.

The Signature Mountain Biking Opportunities identified are:

  1. Develop the Central Gippsland Mountain Biking Hub with Haunted Hills as a centrepiece
    (A collective MTB offering which includes Haunted Hills, Erica, Blores Hill, Glengarry North, Avon Mt Hedrick, Maryvale Pines)
  2. Omeo MTB Hub development
    (A world class facility with flow, cross country and other trails all leading from and into the town)
  3. Feasibility for an Epic Trail in Central Gippsland
    (Explore the opportunities for an Epic Trail from Mt Baw Baw to Latrobe Valley)
  4. The Timber Trail
    (The potential for a timber trail ride through the west Gippsland forests with dedicated overnight accommodation for rides, while providing access to the villages would provide a strong commercial product like the successful models in operation in NZ)

With the Omeo project already under way, GMTB will now advocate strongly to progress the other signature trail opportunities as quickly as possible. The next highest-ranking priorities have been identified as being the Central Gippsland Hub and the Epic Trail.

While the process may appear slow, we are getting really excited for what the future holds for Gippsland mountain biking!