Membership Benefits

Why join Gippsland MTB?

  • We are affiliated with both Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and IMBA AU
  • Members are covered under their insurance during organised events.
  • Offer regular social Mountain Biking events
  • Run Mountain Bike racing in the Gippsland area
  • Negotiate trail access with governing authorities (DSE, Parks Victoria, local Councils, etc)

MTBA Membership Benefits
Some of the benefits of joining MTBA include:

  • A national autonomous body for mountain biking
  • National series that is raced all over Australia
  • Cost effective membership
  • Well priced day membership fees
  • Rolling licenses (valid for 12 months from date of purchase)
  • Flexibility in membership types (both recreational and competitive)
  • All money collected by MTBA is returned to mountain biking clubs and riders
  • Component of national membership is directed back to assist clubs in local development initiatives
  • Trails maintenance funding for states and clubs through setting up and partially funding IMBA AU
  • Works to keep trails open for all riders
  • All members can race all MTBA events nationwide (club, state series, state championships, national series, national championships)
  • Each rider will receive a card
  • Works to promote the sport to the general public through its contacts with the media
  • Markets the sport to sponsors and television

You can take out as many day membership permits as you like but there are some pretty good reasons why a full 12 month membership is better:

  • You get additional insurance coverage for the time you are ‘just’ riding your bike at the same level as the great coverage you get in competition.
  • You only have to fill in forms once every 12 months instead of at every event, saving you time and the club volunteer’s time in administration.
  • Your membership fee has helped to finance IMBA Australia who lobby Local and State Governments and land managers to open, build and maintain trails that are local to you.
  • A full MTBA membership can be used at events held by any other affiliated MTBA club throughout Australia, including at state or national level. You can even accrue UCI points at selected national level events!
  • Lastly, a full MTBA membership saves you money – for a junior if you participate in just 4 or more events or for a senior if you participate in only 5 or more events in 12 months you save!
  • Click here to view full MTBA Membership Benefits

Why Join IMBA Australia?
What would we do without Trails?
In many places, mountain bikers are finding it increasingly difficult to access trails. “NO BIKES” signs are far too common. Mountain bikers get a bad rap as being dangerous or destructive.
The fact is, most of us ride responsibly and lead the volunteer effort to repair and build trails.
In the US, IMBA has facilitated trail access for many bike riders. Over the past 20 years, thousands of kilometers of trails have opened to bikes, thanks to the efforts of cyclists just like you. IMBA Australia can replicate this process Down Under! We will support the construction of new trails and the maintenance of existing trails that are used by hikers and horseback riders as well as cyclists.
We encourage safe riding, positive trail ethics and volunteer trail work. Positive partnerships and trail stewardship will ensure that everyone has somewhere to ride.

Our Mission
IMBA Australia creates, enhances and protects great trail experiences for Australian mountain bike riders


We know you are passionate about riding, just as we are passionate about getting trail access for everyone who loves to ride.
Now is the time to take a stand against those who want to monopolise public trails.
Now is the time to promote responsible biking and innovative trail management.
Now is the time to make sure that mountain bikers everywhere have great trails to enjoy for years to come.
Part of the adventure of mountain biking is finding great trails to ride.
Without trails, we would have nowhere to pursue our passion. That’s why the International Mountain Bicycling Association Australia works to keep trails open to cyclists.