Trails: 36 m

Descent: -465 m

Vertical: 73 m

Distance: 33 km

Descent Distance: - m

Highest Trail: 161 m



Fast flowing trails. Rock obstacles. Rideable all year round. Featuring an array of multipurpose cross-country trails throughout the park, Blores Hill offers 14 trails of varying difficulty levels. Pick easy, intermediate or difficult and enjoy panoramic views over the Gippsland plains on the flowing descents, bermed corners, bridges and rocky sections. Horse riders and walkers can also enjoy certain trails. Blores Hill is one of the best and most beautiful mountain bike areas in Victoria with riders coming from all over the state. It is a magnificent area of natural bushland and boasts an array of trails specifically designed for mountain bike riders. This is an active and enjoyable day out for the full family with many trails of different styles and difficulties. Features include, jumps, bridges, rocky outcrops, technical elements and flowing trails.