Blores Hill 4 Hour Enduro Race Report and Interim Results


The first section of the single track started off on the flats, leading into a fast down hill section and into the first of two dippers. But don’t be fooled as the fun ended as soon as you left the dipper, with what felt like 100 up-hill switchbacks, back and forth, and back and forth with a freight train of riders one after another talking all sorts of nonsense.

By the top of the switch backs, there were gaps in the freight train, and carriages were slowly dropping off from the main group.

With the Elite riders out of sight, not even a trace of dust left behind, we all knew it was going to be a long day.

A few riders were caught out with a close encounter of the tree kind…

Who was the wise guy that thought it would be funny to put a track through two trees you would struggle to fit a mountain goat through?

I can confirm that the trees will live to see another day however, I’m sure there are a few sore hip and shoulders out there this week.

The track was similar to a road trip with your mates, and remembering famous land marks such as the dippers, the V tree, random shoes, old bikes and grizzly bears strapped to stumps…minus your mates.

I can’t speak for everybody, but the V tree couldn’t come quick enough. Knowing you just went through the V, meant a down hill run to the fast dipper and it was all up hill from there to the finish line.

On the last up-hill stretch you could see the top of the blue timing tent.

That was motivation to change up a few gears and show all your team mates and friends just how good you are.

The timing tent seemed to be the place to be, there was a hype of activity happening there all day. I don’t know whether it was because everyone was sitting down, cold drink in one hand and a snag in the other or that every other rider that wasn’t on course was there eagerly waiting for their team mate to get back so they could go for a spin. It just seemed like the place to be at the time!

As I continued down the road I envisaged these riders were regularly checking the clock, counting every rider that went through, and wondering where there team mate was. Are they ok, have they crashed, or are they having a mechanical?

As the day progressed, and our mind and bodies were becoming physically and mentally exhausted and we started getting lapped by the Elite riders, it was noted that there weren’t a lot of riders left on the track. In fact between three and four o’clock, I don’t think a single rider on course spotted another rider on course.

I think these riders had finally given in to peer group pressure and realised that the timing tent was definitely the place to be, cold drink in one hand, snag in the other!

It was 3.45pm.

Only 15 minutes to go to get a final lap in and there were only a few keen riders left out of 65.

For the few solo riders that passed through timing with a big cheer of encouragement from everyone at timing, you could see the pain in there bodies as they sprinted off down the road. This was either going to be lap 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, but defiantly the last.

The solo male category looked like tough competition with Brenton Jones completing 8 laps and the quickest lap time of the day, followed by Brad Fisher, with 7 laps and not far behind was Karl Peel with 7 laps also.

The solo women category was were it was at. This was the race between two competitive sisters to see who was the better cross country rider; Tracy Whittaker finishing first with a grand total of 6 laps, followed by Jenny Simpson with 5 laps, and Leonie Picton with 4 laps.

Congratulations to Tracy who can now officially say ‘Leonie, you may be better than me on a down hill bike, but I’m the better cross country rider’. He, he.

I’m sad to say that the presentations were well and truly under way before one of our junior solo riders finished. We were sure the wild dogs were going to have him for dinner!

Jack Walk finished in first place with 4 laps, still on track pedalling away was Tim Miller, in second also completing 4 laps and Joe Patrick with 3 laps to take out third place.

The teams category was a close one with only 10 minutes between first and third place all completing 7 laps each.

Well done to Warragul Juniors, Peace and Elbow and What NATO?

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the day and made it possible.

While resident timing & results guru – Graeme ‘GT’ Trewern is away up at the ‘Alice’ with the Amigos, hamming it up in the sunshine – here are the interim results for Round 6 of GMTB’s Club Championship, the Blores Hill 4 Hour Enduro, sponsored by McMillan Partners. The event was attended by 63 riders and included a huge demo day by Chilli Cycles from Warragul and the Specialized Crew with brand spanking new 2011 model bikes for the riders to test around the 11km race circuit. A fantastic day, with some standout performances by Torq Rider Brenton Jones, Tracey Whittaker, Jack Walk and the Warragul Juniors in the Team Pairs. Stay tuned for the full results… In the meantime secure your place on the ‘Explore Blores Hill’ Social Weekend in two weeks time!


Solo Male:
1st Brenton Jones   8 laps          32:00 mins fastest lap time
2nd Brad Fisher      7 laps
3rd Karl Peel           7 laps

Solo Female:
1st Tracey Whittaker  6 laps
2nd Jenny Simpson    5 laps
3rd Leonie Picton       4 laps

Junior Solo:
1st Jack Walk     4 laps
2nd Tim Miller    4 laps
3rd Joe Patrick   3 laps

1st Warragul Juniors (Jarryd Jones/James Laylor) 7 laps
2nd Peace and Elbow (Justin Prior/Roland Kahsnitz) 7 laps + 3 mins
3rd What NATO? (Michael Watt/Nathan Murphy) 7 laps + 10 mins