Blores in the Eyes of XCO champ Peta Mullens


Far, far away, in the humble happenings of Gippsland, there is a pleasant escape from the rocky terrain and arduous tracks that can be found in the MTB crazed town of Bendigo. This place is an oasis, where the single-track is magic and the trees and trails speak to one another, and they all combine in sunshine every year to bring us the Blores Hill 6hr.

Run by the Gippsland MTB club it acts as the fourth round of the Victorian Enduro Series. The race consists of a 12km lap, with times varying from 35min-1hr+ (depending on ability) whereby either individuals or teams combine to complete as many laps as they can in 6hrs. It has a friendly start time of 10am, and for those who really love a sleep in, they offer a 3hr race starting at 1pm. These fun-loving, dirt-hugging groups of guys really know how to put on a show, with a record turnout of 240 riders despite only being in it’s third year.

Want some more insight? The track is in mint condition due to a combination of hard work by the locals and a naturally amazing environment. The majority of the course is single-track consisting of hard compacted dirt-no dust-and the track naturally ebbs and flows as you weave through the trees and sail through the berms. A short bit of fire-trail in the middle leads into the only technical section called ‘The Trig’. This part is quite rocky and finishes up a sharp climb before a swish A-line shoots you off down the descent. Although rocky at first it eventually cascades down the hill with berms and whoops to satisfy the downhiller in all of us! Minimal climbing and maximum satisfaction-this race has my name all over it!

The amazing trails aside, the race is held in a quaint caravan park with cabins and camping available, making it the perfect location for a weekend escape with the family. For the purpose of the race the clubhouse puts on a full menu of pasta and burgers with the addition of my favourite $2 toasties! With the open fire roaring, looking over the green sparkled bush, I nearly didn’t want to return to transition except Target Trek teamies Chris and Ruby were calling on me. We finished second in the mixed teams for what was Ruby’s first MTB race.

As if the day hadn’t run smooth enough, the majority of people stay for presentations because that’s just the kind of country folk they are. As day turns to night the winners are presented with hand-made trophies from resurrected old bike parts and we stand around chatting and comparing our favourites on dusk. As the cars depart down the dirt roads headed for home, wherever that may be, the sun hides itself behind the rolling hills in preparation for next year, where it will no doubt shine once again to create the beauty that is Blores Hill.