Calling all Grant Writing MTB lovers!

Have you ever had the wild thought, while riding your trusty MTB down that favourite local trail…

“Geez, this place could do with a bit of trail signage, I wonder if Gippsland MTB would like me to help out with writing grants? That way the Club could continue to improve the trails, equipment, and provide some skills and training”.

I am here to tell you the answer is YES!

We are looking for someone who loves MTB, has some skills in completing application forms and liaising with local businesses, other club members and bike park leaders to pull together the information needed for each grant application.

Community grants across the various local councils are now open and GMTB has a long list of exciting projects that we would love to seek funding for. The current issue for the Club is that there are simply too many tasks to cover within our core group of passionate and committed volunteers in this extraordinary time of MTB expansion across Gippsland.

If this is something you think you’d like to discuss further please email the club to express interest in becoming a Grant Writer for Gippsland MTB at or call club Secretary Marcus Baker on 0418 144 176 for further information.