2015 Mid Week Social Rides

That’s right!! It is that time of year again when GMTB host the mid-week social rides at Blores Hill. They leave the trail head on Maffra-Tinamba at 7pm every Wednesday night and cater for ALL riders. Generally we will split into 2-3 groups consisting of the faster riders, riders that will ride at a more ‘breathable’ pace and a more relaxed group. Beginners and first timers are strongly encouraged to attend to hone their mountain bike skills and we should have some of our newly trained PMBI instructors in attendance to help. Groups will have a leader and tail person, not leaving until the tail has caught up; you will never be by yourself!

The social rides normally finish around 8:30 to 9:00pm and there is no need for lights during January and February.

For holders of any MTBA or IMBA license, these rides are free to come and enjoy. If you don’t hold a current license, you’ll have to purchase a $5 day license for insurance purposes.