Final Pete’s Track Instructions

Some last minute information for Pete’s track this SUNDAY!

  • Entries are online only. To registrations will be accepted not the day.
  • There is a different timing system happening this year as to previous. There is no seeding or definitive starting times. you are welcome to do TWO race runs at your own pace whenever you like after the 11am race start.
  • We will be including a new grading system to keep things interesting. There will be 4-5 grades depending on the numbers with an even amount of racers in each grade.  Your grade will be determined by your time and nothing else. For instance if there are 50 racers with 5 grades, fastest person wins A grade, 11th fastest wins B Grade and so on.  Results of the grade placing will not be known until the end of the completed race runs.
  • Shuttles will start at 8:30am for practice runs.  You can fit in as many as you like 10:30am. Race briefing is compulsory at 10:45 for all competitors. ALL RIDERS MUST REGISTER BEFORE 10:45. Race runs will commence at 11:00.
  • We ask riders to self seed.  You will be let go at 1 min intervals. If you find yourself behind a less competent rider we ask you to move further toads to back. we are all there to enjoy ourselves.
  • Normal passing etiquette will apply. Please call track if you come across a slower rider and wait for the person to find a comfortable spot for them to move aside.  Call which side you are then passing.
  • Presentations will occur at the end of everyone timed run.

See you at the race!