Mount Taylor Challenge 2013

Mount Taylor Challenge – 3rd Year ,are you up for it


10.00 am Sunday 4th October 2012 (Registration from 9am)


Runner Vs Bike Vs Horse


From the start at 35 Damons Road, it’s just over18km to the top of Mount Taylor and back. It is so tough getting there, that some people will need a bike or a horse to help them. A good runner can get up to the top before a bike, and down quicker than a horse. So who will be back first? Last time it was a bike, but the runners and horses were close!


Some horses have said the course is nae bother to them, but that depends on who’s sitting on top. Bikers say they have the gear to do it, but we will see on the day.


The course undulates at the start, as it winds alonga sandy track. Surrounded by trees and paddocks, you may have the odd kangaroo looking on. Then you hit the first climb. Some will walk; some will get off their bike. Horses may get on their owners backs.


You then travel along a gravel road for few more kilometres. Here you can take in the views of the bush below, the lakes and ocean (in the distance).Then comes another climb up through the trees onMount Taylor itself. Maybe an odd wallaby or lyre bird will peer from the bush as you struggle on up.  

A welcome 1 km flat track through the trees will give you a breather, before the final climb to the top.There is even a dunny at the summit but entering may be more of a challenge than the run.


So you think the hard part is over, well it is for the bikers, they will be down in no time possibly reaching up to 85km/hr along some of the gravel tracks. The scenery is the only pleasure for those on foot or hoof.


Coming back is half the time for runners, and one third for bikes. That’s assuming you don’t get lost, but the course will be well marked. It’s not a technical course but granny gears still see some grinding on the bike.


Fortunately at this time of the year, there won’t be too many flies to keep you company.


So, are you up for the challenge, it is a great workout and achievement?


The start is at 35 Damons Road, parking is available for cars and horses. A free barbie and beer will be available at the end which will be a great opportunity to chat about your experience. There is also a shower and toilet available, and of course, the dunny at the top of Mount Taylor.


The event is not sanctioned, so you take it on at your peril. You will be timed, and we may handicap to make it an even finish at the end.


Camping is available.


A short race of 7 km along the sandy track will be held for juniors or those that would like something a bit shorter.  A walking option up to the summit and back will also be provided however please note that this will start at 9.05am.


A donation of $10 would be welcomed for taking part, which will go to Riviera Triathlon Club funds.


You may be able to paste the below link into your browser and see the course on Google Earth.,147.59375&q=


For further info, you can contact Frank McShane on 0429 404 280 or 03 5157 9168. Alternative you can email him at


Hope to see you there.