Mt Taylor Gravity Enduro Volunteer Register

With the upcoming gravity enduro ride/race weekend coming up on May 27 & 28 at Mt Taylor we are looking for volunteers to help make this weekend another success. These events require more assistance than normal races as there is the need for more course marshals, shuttle drivers and both start and finish points.

If you can spare some time on this weekend, or have some non-riding friends that are hanging around, then please add your name to the list below:

We do not want to take the club down the path of mandatory volunteering but unfortunately without volunteers these events don’t happen. You will see a few riders there who may only get one ride in for the weekend if they’re lucky, these are the people giving up their time for everyone else – let’s try to spread the load so that everyone gets to have a ride.

Final note: registering for a vehicle position is NOT registering to get a lift to the event. Unless you are able to drive the vehicle, please do not take a vehicle position. However, feel free to bring your mates in the shuttle if you are driving (they don’t need to register for that).