Mt Taylor -Narly Business MTB Social Ride – Saturday 23 November @ 2PM


How about something different to finish off our 2013 season – Check this out! 

Rather than stage a race, as was planned for this weekend, there will be a social ride at the same location. 

The plan is to meet about 1.30PM for a ride off at about 2PM. 

The meeting area is located at Boys Camp Mt Taylor, just off the Bullamwaal Road, about 15km north of Bairnsdale (same location as the Mt Taylor Down Hill track). 

Intention is to ride the race course, which is a large single lap of approximately 30 km, this should take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. 

Taking in the area to the north and west of Mt Taylor, you will be riding on a variety of terrain including –  well formed gravel roads, a creek bed rock scramble, an old mine adventure playground, an area of no track (which can be ridden!) and a creek crossing. There are few steep hills, including one to really challenge your climbing legs, during the ride expect to get off your bike a few times! 

Riding the course now will give you some insight into what is proposed when the race is held in early 2014 (likely mid Feb). 

You will need to be self sufficient for this ride, so ensure you have nutrition, water, spares and a jacket for potential damp weather. 

Don’t feel obliged to head straight home afterwards, there is the opportunity to stay in the area for the weekend and get into some other mountain biking experiences! 

Mt Taylor / Boys Camp is the site of one of Victoria’s best down hill courses – steep and fast with lots of air time possibilities, there is also a 5km XC course on site, both are well signposted, there are basic camping facilities available here. 

Other opportunities include the world famous Colquhoun MTB Park (at Bruces Rd about 25km east of Bairnsdale towards Lakes Entrance) have a go at the Lollipop! 

For further specific information, please contact either Brad Fisher on 0429103584 or Gary Jackson on 0416219267. 

See you there!