Pete’s Track Sprint Trail Maintenance: 15-May-2016

UPDATE: Event was incorrectly advertised as May 7, it is actually to be held on Sunday May 15.

With the upcoming annual race on Pete’s Track at Bulldog Junction, the trail needs to be in tip-top shape to ensure that new record times are set on the course (currently 8:49 set by¬†Daniel MacMunn in 2013). To make this happen, we need some trail fairies to come on out and do a quick clean up of the course.

The course is in fairly good condition and just needs some rakes run over some sand sections and some drains dug in case there is any rain on race day.

If all the work in done early, then there may even be some time to test the track.

Meet at Bulldog Junction at 10:00, bring rakes and shovels (and bike). If you’re not sure where Bulldog Junction is, you can find a location here.

If you have any questions then send them to