Pete’s Track Sprint Update: 1 Week To Go

A week out from this event and entries are rolling in. This event should prove to be interesting in a number of ways such as:

  • Who will be quickest down the track?
  • Will it be a XC or a DH rider?
  • Who will have a best story at the end of the event?

From the tire marks out there today, there has been a number of people out practicing. Also, the organisers (Rodger and Lenny) have been doing a lot of work on the trail and even after all the rain on Saturday there were no puddles to speak of today! With a week of fine weather forecast it should be in top condition come next Sunday.

What sort of times are we looking at, well we did a couple of timed runs today to get an idea and our clubs current “over 54 single speed 29er” class leader did it in a 10:45. So with this time in mind, the challenge for the top guys will be to break the 10 minute mark.

Please note: all riders who preregister will be seeded as best as possible before the event, but entries on the day will be seeded in a first come first served basis. So make sure that you preregister to ensure yourself good position on the trail. Also, due to the logistics of the event there will be no entries accepted after 10:00 on the day of the event!