Gippsland MTB Committee 2011-12

The 2011 AGM for Gippsland MTB was held last night in Traralgon. It was a very good meeting with most of the committee staying on while we welcome 4 new people to the committee to help keep the ideas fresh.

Richard Northover has stepped forward to be the clubs Vice President, taking over from Adam Verrall. We also welcome Mark Baines, David Moss and Stephen James as Ordinary Committee members. John Taylor has also stepped down due to other commitments. We would like to thank Adam and John for their service over the past years and look forward to their return when they are able

The only other major change was Nick King stepping down from President to focus of Downhill, this position has been filled by Graeme Trewern. You can read Nick King’s President’s Report here.

The committee positions are as follows:

President Graeme Trewern
Vice President Richard Northover
Secretary Simone Morris
Treasurer Melissa Cosson
Membership Terry Trewern
Trail Advocacy Ian Johnston
Lenny Van Berkel
XC Rep Adam Downes
DH Rep Nick King
Committee Mark Baines
David Moss
Stephen James

If you have any questions or issues with the running of the club then please feel free to contact any of the above people. Please remembers, committee meetings are always open to visitors so come along if you want to see what happens.