Naming Nowa Nowa’s Bike Tracks


They were completed in autumn this year and are already proving popular with locals and visitors alike.

DSE Forest Manager, Gail Penfold said the tracks are currently known only by their numbers: ‘Track One’ to ‘Track Seven’.

“We thought this was a bit dull and that there must be a way of giving them some more inspiring names, so I approached the school to see if the students would be interested in helping us to choose some better names for the tracks,” she said.

“It was a way of getting the kids involved and getting them to find out and understand more about their local environment and what’s in their own back yard.”

The students saw all sorts of plants and wildlife on their travels; some, like a large goanna, prompting suggestions for a “Goanna Track”, and others, like “Wombat poo” maybe not making the grade.

School principal, Ross Nicholas said the students enjoyed the experience of walking the tracks, jumping the bike jumps and being outdoors in their local forest.

“It’s all about community participation, being out in the fresh air and exercising,” he said.

“It’s also about connecting the students with DSE and what DSE does for the environment and gives them some ownership of their local area and the bike track itself.”

The names selected for the tracks are:

  • Uphill Track
  • Jumping Jackaroo Track
  • Skull Track
  • Scat Track
  • Wallaby Ramble
  • Heartbreak Track
  • Little Track