Volunteers needed for major events.

You may have seen that there are TWO major events coming to the trails of East Gippsland in the coming months. We have the Adventure Festival late October at Colquhoun and the first round of the MTBA national series at Mt Taylor.

Both of these events have approached the club to provide some volunteers to assist with the race. Limelight Sports are running the Australian Adventure Festival and have some short term contract positions to be filled if people have the expertise. If you think you my be able to assist Limelight in one of the roles please contact them at  danielle.galea@limelightsports.com
Here is the link with dates to the festival http://adventurefestival.com/

Alternatively, if you feel you may be able to assist with volunteering at the Adventure festival please email the club on info@gippslandmtb.com.au

The biggest event for the club will be the running of the first National round to be held at Mt Taylor on 27th-29th November. For this event, the club has been asked to supply 20-30 volunteers over the weekend. MTBA will be taking over the running of the event and the club will supply the volunteers. The volunteers needed will fill many positions over the weekend’s event. If you are available please email the club info@gippslandmtb.com.au

There are financial compensations for the club to assist in getting these events running. We don’t normally ask too much of our members but feel these events are perfect to showcase the tremendous work people have done completed to get these tracks to a high standard. Please consider giving some of your time.