Baines wins GMTB season opener

First over the line having completed 7 laps of a challenging 8.2km circuit was the team of Graeme Trewern & Travis McInnes, despite a puncture on their fourth lap.

Local rider Simone Spykers cleaned up the women’s section easily; completing 6 laps for the day. Simone’s only competition for the day apart from the many rollovers & trees, Melissa Casson had a nasty spill & was forced to sit out most of the race. Simone is still recovering from a broken jaw only 4 weeks ago, yet still managed to keep grinding away on a technical and largely rough & bumpy singletrack loop.

The day prior saw the running of the Otway Odyssey which accounted for the majority of lycra-wearing-whippetts non appearance, although it is believed that Steve McRae has taken his knack of getting lost during a race to a new level by getting lost on the way to the race.

It was a hard day at the office for most with the loop of singletrack tucked away in the north east corner of the Colquhuon Forest subject to recent damage from motorbikes & horses. As the day wore on however, the track ‘firmed-up’ & rode slightly easier.

Speaking of hard days at the office, Dean was sighted lurking suspiciously around the waste water dam adjacent to the start finish line prawning net in hand, keen to catch ‘anything’ after a marathon effort the night before. Johno also did it hard; managed just two laps and couldn’t find ANY rail trail anywhere. Graeme was apparently in contravention of Six Amigos by-law 1 which states ‘…thou shalt not take MTB event seriously, ever, period….’ when his partner suffered a puncture & surrendered the race lead. This caused Graeme much angst until it was pointed out that Graeme’s lap times were about the same time as Travis’ WITH a puncture. Punishment for such an offense would be riding a nude lap. Fortunately for all concerned, a disaster was averted. In pure downhill fashion, club DH gun Ben Barrett took a commanding lead in the race through 4 laps then teamed up with fellow DH junkie and probably ducked into Lakes to muck around at the skate park and ‘freak-out’ some 11 year olds before returning and eat some lollies.

Click here to view the full results from the race.

Next race will be at Blores Hill on Sunday 22nd March.  See you all there.