Blores Hill 3 Hour Enduro 28-Sep-2008

The first casulty of the event was Graeme “give me back my Dawg” Trewern who was competing on a hardtail for the first time. There were a few other entrants not making the three hour mark, including Robert “Danger” Billing and Adam “faster line” Verral who found out that while riding straight over the rock garden might offer a quicker route, shreading your tire on the rocks tend to have a negative effect on your overall time.

On the other side of the competition was Ian “just doing one lap” Johnson who was not there to compete and was just going to put in one lap. Well his one lap turned into two, then three, and he just kept going around and around like the kids toys in the lawnmower, and looked about the same by the end of the event. After the time was up he had amassed an amazing eight laps, only one down on the leaders!

As for the leaders, the was extremely close competition at the front with David Macfarlain, Scott Thompson and Ben Blackman fighting it out throughout the event. This pack were never more that a minute apart until lap five when David and Scott made their break on Ben. These two then continued to pull away for the remainder of the race with David making his break on the final lap to take the overall honors with 9 laps in a time of 03:01:52.

There were another 3 competitors on the lead lap at the conclusion of the event, these being Tony Clark, Glenn Markley and Brian Wallace. Well done guys!

Another highlight for the event was the game of spot the wildlife, with a number of competitors reporting sightings of various reptiles throughout the event. This was very strange for Blores with no previous real wildlife sightings of the reptile kind from normal riders at Blores Hill.

A big thanks to Gav at Mallard’s Cycles in Traralgon for supplying a range of prizes that were handed out at the conclusion of the event, and to Prez Lenny for making the one of a kind trophies.

The next event should be a Colquhuon Forest near Bairnsdale on Sunday 26th October, see you there for what is sure to be another awesome event.

Click here to view the full results of the event.