Colquhoun 4 Hour Enduro Report 1: 24-Jun-2012

Amazing trails, keen mountain bikers and some amazingly good weather all came together at the Colquhoun 4 hour enduro. With previous floods and heavy rainfall throughout Gippsland, we were lucky enough to be blessed with the good weather to make way for some serious racing.

Although the four hours did seem a bit long for me I was still keen to give the race a go and have fun while I was at it. Come race start I was looking pretty good, setting off down the lollipop trail in a good position. Unluckily for me I found myself facing a flat only ten minutes into the race, although I had that quickly fixed thanks to the help of my mate Harry Ewings. Although it was a quick fix, I lost my good position and now found myself behind all the riders.

Throughout the race the Chilli Cycles Cannondale was running well, although my fitness was not the greatest as I hadn’t got much training in because of bad weather and school exams. Mechanically the bike ran well until my last lap where I hit a large section of mud which was deeper than I thought and all the mud and sand got into my drive-train and brakes, resulting in some mechanical issues over the rest of the race.

By the end of the race I had made it into 1st place for the juniors and I had a great time. The trails out at Colquhoun were amazing, and I could tell that a lot of hard work had gone into them, which resulted in some great riding and a good time. Once again I would like to thank Chilli Cycles for providing me with the bike and gear and also to the club for the great effort they put into the organization of the event.