Colquhuon Multi Stage Race Report – 27-Sep-2009

Brian Wallace made a mockery of the disgraceful conditions and managed to average in excess of 22km/h over the 18km time trial course.  Superfit triathlete and renowned footballer Tim Boote on a fully rigid 29er rode it like a motorbike but was over two minutes behind Wallace.  Rodney Smith finished strongly to come in third.

Competitors were then split into two groups based on Time Trial times for two 15 minute criteriums around a short, open mix of fire trail & singletrack with some strategic water hazards added for fun. Competitors rode for 15 minutes plus 1 lap.  Road racing criteriums are the ultimate game of ‘chess on wheels’ where riders use carefully designed strategies to overcome their opponents. The first ever GMTB criteriums only saw tactics such as ‘do I go through the puddle or not?’ or ‘will anybody notice if I just sit in the car & get warm?’

In the first A Grade crit, Brian Wallace & Tim Boote soon started putting a sizeable gap into the rest of the field with Tim staying with Brian until the bell lap when Brian surged away to win comfortably.  Rod Smith & Ashley Higman battled hard for third & fourth.  The second A Grade Crit was far more exciting with Glen Wearne exploding from the start & catching a few by surprise, Tim went with Glen, Glen faded, Brian tried catching Tim but Tim stay just far enough in front. Great racing.

The B Grade criteriums saw a mixed bag of talent battle it out, the two veterans JT and Howard, the girls Lynne & Bel and a handful of teenagers to make it interesting.  Julian Thomas rode two consistent races to win both races whilst John Taylor impressed everybody by coming second in both crits whilst evergreen Howard Blegg snared third both times.

Jordan Rowley dragged his grandfather Graham along – who happens to be the 1974 Australian Road Race cycling champion – must have been listening to his grandfather’s advice about recovery  & was allegedly asleep in the back of the ute when it was time to start the second criterium!

The post race obligatory BBQ was only just possible with storm force winds rendering the poor old barbie virtually useless.   Well done to all competitors and huge thanks – as per usual – to Sharon Blegg for her usual contribution.