Gippsland MTB Girls ‘Dirty’ Weekend’


We split into 2 groups and headed out on to the muddy trails for a couple of hours. Back to the cabin for a shower, lunch and Kirstin was kind enough to get the nappy-san out to wash my kit – legend!! We then sat around the fire, ate a delicious meal and talked the night away!

Sunday we awoke to a bright sunny day and we were put in to pairs, given a map and told to meet back in 3 hours. I teamed up with Kat from Melbourne as we set about finding the checkpoints to collect points. The check points were very creative, you had to write down a cycling champions name, what championships they had won, and then complete a challenge such as answering a trivia question/unjumbling words/dressing up/do a mono/eat a mars bar/face paint etc.

I thought I’d take us on a sneaky shortcut, it certainly didn’t work and ended up added a bit of time to our efforts in getting to the last checkpoint. We also wrongly guessed the bonus checkpoint and ended up looking for ages in the completely wrong spot!! A super fun, friendly weekend that focused on mtb skills, laughing, having fun, laughing, riding bikes, laughing, eating yum food and laughing!! A big thanks to Jac and Gippsland MTB Club, Kirstin and Munjara Camp, Liv/Giant and to all the ladies who attended, good on you for having a crack and giving it all a go! Hope to see you all again and more next year!!