June Social Weekend Report

The weather was perfect with no wind or rain, however it was slightly on the cold side with thermals almost mandatory. Dean Morris was the first casualty of the night with a broken light so he did not even get to leave the camp before he was out. The remaining riders headed off in two groups of the sprinters and the cruisers. The sprinters disappeared into the night at a rapid pace only to be seen later in the night when they were completing their second lap.

The cruisers set a much more enjoyable pace riding the Lenny’s “buddy” system whereby you stop at each junction and wait for the rider behind to catch you before you rode off. This kept everyone on the same path while not losing anyone.

There were a few crashes on the night with Bryce Dilly, Paul Cheetham and Brian Adams giving the trees a good scare and they threw themselves at them at various times. Brian won the award for the best “scream like a little girl” during his crash.

The night was also highlighted by the presentation of a cheque to Brian Adams from our bushfire benefit ride held earlier this year. President Lenny presented him with a cheque for $1,250 with all funds raised from the 4 Hour Enduro run and Blores Hill in March in conjunction with Max Cooks 12 Hours in the saddle. Both of these events contributed to this result.

The next morning we were joined by more riders to come and ride Pete’s Track at Bulldog Junction. This was a nice flowing piece of singletrack with the option of a shuttle return or riding up the Traverse Track. Strangely enough, the shuttle was not the preferred option with more riders choosing to ride the Traverse Track return loop.

There were a few riders flowed Lenny up Mt Hedrick for a more technical ride. This ride was educational to some of the riders with rock riding being a new experience. However, everyone made it back down again with minimal damage.

All in all it was a great weekend with Munjara proving to be the perfect location for these events. For those of you that did not attend, keep an eye out for the next one as we will be returning to do it all again one weekend.