March Point to Point Social Ride

On Sunday Match 8th we ran the first Point to Point ride for a social event as a trial to see both how much interest there was in this sort of ride and also how the logistics of such an event would work. I am pleased to report that there were big ticks in both of these boxes as we had 19 riders tun up and due to forward planning by Prez Lenny we had transport all sorted on the day.

Riders ended up breaking into two groups with 5 riders taking the shorter 20km course and 13 tackling the longer 27km version. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold and no wind. The track was brilliant with the course mostly going downhill, but there were a few hills at the start that warmed a few people up as they were a tad on the steep side and we were going up them. But overall the course descended down from the Walhalla end of the Cowwarr-Walhalla Road a point just outside Glengarry where Lenny had left a BBQ, meat and cordial for us to all consume.

All in all it was a successful day with everyone involved having a ball. A few tired muscles at the end but I think that everyone who rode would return if we ran it again. So watch this space for the next Point to Point ride.