It is with great pleasure that Gippsland MTB Inc. together with Andrew Sharpe from the Bairnsdale Department of Sustainability and Environment and Simon French of DirtArt, declare that the Mt Taylor Downhill Mountain Bike Course is officially open for recreational usage. The course was officially opened over the weekend.

Due to its fast paced and technical nature the aptly rated “Double Black Diamond” course starts just below the communication towers of Mt Taylor and winds its way down the mountain with fast corners, big jumps and loose rocks. Downhill mountain bikers end up sprinting across the finish line at the ‘Boys Camp’ staging area which was originally set up in the early 20th Century as a forestry and silviculture camp for young unemployed men. The ‘Boys Camp’ is now a great place to enjoy a picnic or to get out and about to enjoy the myriad of recreational opportunities in the area.

Gippsland MTB Downhill Representative Nick King says “This is huge for mountain biking in Gippsland, with a downhill course that is 2.32 kilometres long with 300 metres of vertical descent, many downhill riders are sure to be tested. Mt Taylor is about 20 minutes drive north of Bairnsdale, “…don’t let this stop you taking a trip out there to see all the hard work that has been undertaken!” , “Believe me you will be flabbergasted seeing skilled downhill riders hurling themselves down the mountain!”