Petes Track Sprint Report

Petes Track looked like it might come to a rainy start, but come race day the weather cleared up and revealed an awesome track and a great day of riding, especially because my sponsors, Chilli Cycles, had organized the brand new 2012 Specialized Camber Pro which would allow me to ride at my full potential!

Going into my first practice run I noticed that the previous wet weather had taken an effect on the track as I found it a bit slippery, however the course dried up throughout the day leaving the track at it’s finest.

While investigating the ideal lines for my timed run, I found myself in a rut which I tried to ride, however I was unsuccessful after the rut threw me off into the bushes.

My following practice runs seemed successful as I didn’t crash and I was generally enjoying myself especially getting a bit of air on some of the bumps and logs.

Come my first timed lap I took off at a good pace, trying to keep it smooth on some of the technical terrain. After a successful run I came in at 11:02 minutes, only 28 seconds behind the junior race leader, Dru Berryman, putting me in 3rd position behind Liam Faltum in 2nd.

Come my last run, I was keen to improve my time and take a win for the XC riders so I powered through the course. I felt like my time was a lot better this time and I recon I could have made 1st if I hadn’t of got a flat tire at the final section of the course, (just before the steep rock face) forcing me to run the bike to the finish line! I only ended up losing 4 minutes from the flat, but it did cost me a possible victory.

Well done the Dru Berryman for his impressive 1st place victory, but also well done to everyone else who participated and made this day what it was. Once again I had great fun and can’t wait to sprint again next year!