Poker ride at Lakes Entrance

Adventure racer Sharon Dilly was in her usual ultra-fit form but mysteriously managed to collect ‘rules of bridge’ playing cards which don’t usually win you anything.  Bryce & newcomer Paula tried colluding but only managed 7 aces which didn’t win a thing!  Evergreen Howard Blegg simply didn’t stop, reports coming in suggest that he stopped for lunch on Thursday.  The boys from the Valley made their way all the way to Lakes & even tried to ride fast.  GMTB secretary Johno with his MTB bling did some really fast times, but alas, as we all know there is only so fast you can go without lycra.  And wouldn’t we all like to see Johno in lycra……. send johno an email telling him how good he would look in lycra.  International firefighter Evan showed why it is good to by a bike in the US when the Australian $ is good.  It is understood that Evan’s bike actually rides itself up hills, allowing very fast times.  

An environmentally friendly GMTB decided not to use any bunting or other visual pollutants for course marking, instead using flour to mark the route.  Plain flour, not self raising.  And organic, too.  This must have an effect on some riders because as the ride progressed it is blatantly evident that most riders stopped & sniffed the flowers because they definatley weren’t riding very fast.

In the end Brian flew past Steve to collect 8 cards & also managed the best hand, with 4 of something.  Presentations were a bit of a dull affair with 18 riders, mostly dusty, sweaty, thirsty, hungry & fatigued standing around as if they had just completed the Hawaiin Ironman, not 20km of singletrack.  Gary Jackson from Riviera Cycles in Bairnsdale had very generously provided us with a $50 and $30 voucher.  Cheers Gary.