Rain, What Rain? Partners Social Ride : 14-Feb-2010

A small, but dedicated group braved the threat of rain to join in the clubs Partners Social Ride on the Moe/Yallourn Rail Trail on Valentines Day. The intrepid riders set off from the base of the serine Yallourn Power Station cooling towers and headed towards Moe in a mild mist of rain.

This weather allowed the riders to really attack as the ground had an extremely high level of grip with no dust being thrown up at all. At time riders were reaching speeds of well over 15km/h!

It was not all easy going, as at these speed even the smallest obstacle can cause issue. Riders had to constantly be on the look out for sticks, rocks, puddles, small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri and the like. There were places where the bravest of riders could have even got some air and maybe even travelled a good 10cm without their wheel even touching the ground.

Throughout the ride, weather conditions varied from dizzle to light shower to clearing showers to slightly damp. This all added to the atmosphere of the ride, with everyone literally dripping with excitement once we reached the Moe end of the trail.

All in all, those who attended the ride had a great time and for those of you who looked at the weather and pulled the pin, you missed out on a truly memorable Valentines Day event.