Wednesday Evening Learnings From The Mid Week Social Rides

When Graeme, Lenny or Kingsley says “I’m carrying a sore whatever” means I’m hanging back with the girls for a quiet perve.

The treasurer has had to buy a bright yellow car so she can find it with her bung eyes.

Simone has been noted screaming “I’m knackered” going up Jim’s Track – Roscoe her beloved turns up for a cameo appearance and pulls off a full endo and keeps both collarbones fully intact.

Yes Watty you have a beautiful bullbar, a masterpiece, nearly as masterful as Lennies trophies.

“Bike porn” alert when Graeme and Lenny get out their copper spoked wheels and fellow perverts wipe drool from their chops.

Downhillers are different! ADHD springs to mind watching Kingy, Watty and their disciples behaving (successfully) like 16 year old boys.

Yes Kingy, the sunset is beautiful from the top of Trig, we’re with you, let it go.

Al, here’s a tip, when you get home after the big black dusty night and sit on the couch, she is going to be pissed off.

For all of those involved in the discussion on the last night, the collective noun is a “Colony of  Bats”….thankyou for the valued input of a well meaning un-named downhiller… we know it is a “lick of lesbians”.

Steven, when your new brother in law, lovingly known as “Thumper”, gives you a stubbie with a broken neck and a little glass inside, he is not trying to get rid of you, you just looked thirsty.

The Blores Annual Toughness indicator was not won by the poor bloke who was riding sore after a colonoscopy, but Kingy again, reportedly riding hard, the day after 4 stitches in the nut bag.

Johnno, the Raafies don’t want to pay the joining fee, and when he said he flys fast jets, he meant FA18’s (tight underachievers).

Editor Addition:

When Richard rides in the slow group and yells “Slow Down!” all night long for the first 4 weeks, it really means that he wants to ride with the fast groups which he does for the next 4 weeks.