GMTB AGM 18-Aug-2009 in Traralgon

Different roles require different time commitment, however most roles are fairly small in size. If you want to know more then contact one of our current committee members or e-mail

All positions are declared vacant at the AGM, so do not be afraid to put your hand up because someone else did it and they might want it again. Most current committee members have multiple roles at the moment and would be more than happy to focus on a specific area of the club to keep us moving forward.

If you do wish to nominate for the committee, you will need to complete a Nomination Form (available here) and return to it:

Gippsland MTB Inc
PO Box 792
Traralgon, Vic, 3844

Also, if you cannot be there on the night but one of your mates is going you can still vote for people by completing a Proxy Appointment Form (available here) and sending it to the address above. This all sounds very formal and in fact it is probably the most formal part of the club at the moment. So please, just fill in the forms and we’ll get some new faces and ideas in the prime positions to keep the club growing.

The current roles that the club has are as follows:

  • President
    • Tasks: Chair meetings, oversee general direction of club
  • Vice President
    • Tasks: Undertake presidents duties in their absence
  • Secretary
    • Tasks: Record meeting minutes, prepare meeting agenda, control club correspondence
  • Treasurer
    • Tasks: Control club finances, report month transactions at meetings
  • Membership Secretary
    • Tasks: Process membership application/renewals, notify members when renewals due
  • Media Liaison
    • Tasks: Submit press releases to news organisations, develop relationships with media groups
  • Magazine Editor
    • Tasks: Compile news releases into monthly magazine, arrange for printing, distribute to members and bike shops
  • XC Representative
    • Tasks: Schedule and delegate organisation of XC events
  • DH/4X Representative
    • Tasks: Schedule and delegate organisation of DH/4X events
  • Region Representatives
    • Regions:
      • Baw Baw Shire
      • Latrobe Shire
      • Wellington Shire
      • East Gippsland Shire
      • South Gippsland Shire
    • Tasks: Represent interests of members within designated region, liaise with local bike shops
  • Trail Advocacy Representative
    • Tasks: Liaise with government and land managers to gain access to land for the construction of trails
  • Web Site Administrator
    • Tasks: Develop and manage content on the club website and forum
  • Club Sponsorship
    • Tasks: Approach businesses in regard to club sponsorship, ensure sponsors get proposed benefits, help develop yearly packages
  • Club Calendar Co-ordinator
    • Tasks: Develop club calendar for year for all disciplines and present to committee, delegate organisation of events to appropriate people