Blores Hill “Bring A Friend” Pig Race Report

At precisely 10:03:27 Lenny set us off on a nice little 5km loop around some flowing track around Blores. The track was not technical with still not being boring for the experienced riders. As per normal racing there was the normal fighting for position from the start line with the faster rider disappearing into the distance. Being a short course, people were pushing fairly hard at the beginning as they knew the laps would be over quickly.

As an added bonus, as riders crossed the control to roll their pigs they had to depart in a hail of flour bombs, water bombs and cream pies! This coupled with the random scoring meant that no-one knew who was going to win. One team rolled 20 on their first lap but then managed to complete another 5 laps for 0 points. So for 2 hours riders lapped with the newbies slowly dropping out but all having huge grins on their faces and saying that they will return.

However, the officials saved the final surprise for the riders for the presentation. They presented us with two leader boards, one scored from highest to lowest and the other scored lowest to highest. The “leader” team from each board was called forward to roll the pigs one more time with the highest roll being the official leader board. In keeping with the spirit of the event the team with the least points became the winner by rolling their best roll of the day. So with a score of 19 points the trophies went to the Dunnies, being Shane Dunn and Wade Lewis.

Don’t feel bad for the other leader board, it was revealed at presentation that most of them had good scores by using the unspoken rule of simply asking for points with the leaders, One Lap Wonders, asking for 100 points that were duly credited to their score.

Big thanks to Mallards Cycles for the spot prizes given out on the day and to Lenny Van Berkel and Glenn Brand for laying out the awesome course for us.

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