Mt Hedrick/Blores Hill Social Ride – 8/9 August

There were a few thrills and spills along the way, but none were too bad and everyone kept on going with a big smile on their face. Once we reached the bottom of the mountain, we shuttled back up to ride the Traverse Track across to the bottom of Pete’s Track. The Traverse Track is another technical ride, but not as extreme as Mt Hedrick. All the riders enjoyed this one as they had started to master the art of riding rocks, that being Lenny’s mantra of “Attack, they can sense you fear!”

Once at the bottom of the Traverse Track, we took the next shuttle up to have a couple of blasts down Pete’s Track. By this time the fun factor was on maximum and everyone was pushing the limits. However, this did not last too long due the lack of energy and food. However, we all pushed through this to do one last ride.

The final leg of the Saturday ride was a blast down the Last Hurrah. Unfortunately, this track has seen a lot of use by motorbikes and in some places the “singletrack” is about 5 metres wide and ripped up. In places the original track remained to its old standard and was a great way to finish the day, well for most of us at least.

Max was not content with all this shuttling and easy riding. He bypassed all shuttles, rode everything and the continued on riding back to Blores Hill to do a couple of laps before finally returning to Munjara for a well deserved sausage with the rest of us.

Big thanks to Lenny and Johno for strategically leaving their cars lying around for Shuttles. Makes life almost too easy to blast down a hill and find a car waiting at the bottom ready to take you back up again.

On Sunday, another group of 12 riders met at Munjara for a social ride around Blores Hill. They were guided around the park and shown some of the sights such as the Trig Point and Lenny’s Techo Track. All in all the ride was enjoyed by all and around 20 kms of singletrack were ridden.